Top 5 tips to find the best relevant web 3 agency

3 min readJun 18, 2023

When delving into the world of Web 3, it can help to find the right agency to support your endeavors. Web 3 agencies specialize in various areas, including technical development, auditing, strategy, growth/marketing, and recruiting.

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In this article, we will explore five tips to help you navigate through the myriad of options and find the perfect agency to propel your Web 3 project forward.

Define Your Specific Needs

Before embarking on your search, clearly define your project’s specific needs and goals. Determine whether you require long-term or short-term support, what milestones you want to achieve, and the overall vision for your project. Remember, agencies cannot make your project successful on their own; they can only help amplify and accelerate your existing plan.

Find a Specialized Agency

Rather than opting for agencies that claim to do everything, focus on finding agencies that specialize in a few key areas. Just as a restaurant excels at a particular cuisine, specialized agencies bring deep expertise to the table. Look for agencies that are truly expert in the specific services you require, whether it’s technical development, auditing, strategy, growth/marketing, or recruiting.

Evaluate Experience and Track Records

Experience speaks volumes when it comes to Web 3 agencies. Evaluate their track record and portfolio of past projects. Look for agencies that have successfully delivered results and achieved client satisfaction. Consider the complexity of the projects they have handled and their ability to adapt to evolving technologies. An experienced agency can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your Web 3 journey.

Consider Reputation and Reviews

Reputation is crucial in the world of Web 3 agencies. Seek feedback from previous clients and industry professionals who have worked with the agency you’re considering. Online reviews, forums, and discussions can shed light on an agency’s reputation, reliability, and level of client satisfaction. A positive reputation indicates a trustworthy agency that is more likely to meet your expectations.

Look for Agencies Focused on Web 3

Web 2 and Web 3 operate in distinct ways, so it’s important to find an agency that specializes specifically in Web 3. These agencies have dedicated significant time and effort to understanding the intricacies of the Web 3 ecosystem and have a wealth of experience in implementing Web 3 use cases. By choosing an agency focused solely on Web 3, you can benefit from their in-depth knowledge and expertise.


Finding the right Web 3 agency requires careful consideration and a clear understanding of your project’s needs. By following the five tips outlined in this article — defining your specific needs, seeking specialized agencies, evaluating experience and track records, considering reputation and reviews, and focusing on Web 3 expertise — you can make an informed decision when selecting the right agency for your project.

To assist you further in this endeavor, we have developed an interactive Web 3 agencies directory that features a curated selection of agencies of various sizes and locations. Best of all, it’s completely free to use!

With the right agency by your side, you can navigate the Web 3 landscape with confidence and turn your vision into a reality.




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